Categories News “Luxury knows no limits on this 623-Foot-Long Superyacht Concept”

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Published  on Nov. 26 , 2016

Forbes magazine describes the superyacht L’Amage in an article entitled “Luxury know no limits on this 623-foot-long Superyacht Concept”. The author, Bill Springer continues: “There is no shortage of superyachts that can be categorized as one of the “biggest,” or “most extreme,” or even the “most luxurious.” But only a chosen few that have been launched recently can even come close to comparing to L’Amage, the new, futuristic and ahem…..623-foot long, 94-foot wide… concept yacht from  HBD Studios.”

Continues Springer: “As you can see by these lifelike, computer generated renderings, L’Amage is a futuristic superyacht concept. But then again, “futuristic” superyachts that have actually been built and delivered to wealthy owners (with much fanfare I might add), can be found all over the world today.” Concludes Springer: “But what makes this strikingly angular new concept so compelling is its sheer size. Plans call for the yacht to the measure over 620-feet overall length and to be almost 100-feet wide. It’s also designed to accommodate 28 guests in 14 staterooms plus a private apartment for the owner, and of course, extensive accommodations for the yacht’s 70 crew members”.